Business days: Monday-Thursday. Please allow up to 3-4 business days for order fulfillment. ☕️ ***Domestic ONLY*** Any orders over $75 FREE SHIPPING!!


Thank you!

          Hey! Thank you so much for taking the time to even consider carrying WYO Buckin’ Beans Coffee!

We not only want to deliver a delicious coffee for our customers, but also carry on a long lost tradition of the Cowboy Way of Life. We believe in the Good Lord and staying true to our roots!

Please Allow 7-10 business days for order Fulfillment.

            Requirements to becoming a wholesaler/Bulk.

  1. Create an account via website. Notify Angie Caster for approval of Bulk/wholesaling
  2. Once Approved, please use Wholesale menu option. Once logged in with account using our website, the Discounts will appear in Checkout.
  3. Ground Coffee is a special order that is only available on our website. Unless you are ordering for our 5 pound Bag for serving purposes.
  4. Our 1 pound Whole Bean packaging is only available for wholesale purchases at this time
  5. MAKE SURE TO USE WHOLESALE AND BULK MENU in order to get discount pricing.

Wholesale discount is 25%. Retailer can increase price up to 60% on what wholesale price is. For example our 1 pound A Cowboy’s Coffee is $14 on our website.

Online price- $14 x (wholesale discount %)  .25 = (wholesale price) $10.50

Retail Price- (Wholesale Price) $10.50 x (Increase by %) .60 = (Max Retail Price) $16.80

Please keep in mind that on our website our customers are paying at least $8 a pound to ship.

We will also strive to get you the best pricing for shipping. All shipping charges will be retailers responsibility.  

If pricing changes on our online store we will notify wholesaler and we will adjust the percentage of the discount.

Whole bean will only be available for our wholesale 1 pound packaging. Our coffee of the month will only be exclusively on our Website only. Our coffee that is available for wholesaling are: A Cowboy’s Coffee (Dark Roast), A Cowboy’s Delight (Medium Roast), Crossbreed (Medium/Dark Roast), Cowgirl Blonde (Light Roast), and A City Slicker’s Coffee (DECAF, Medium/Dark).


          We will only provide ground coffee for our Bulk Pricing of our 5 pound bags. Our 5 pound bags will only be for serving purpose and not retail.

Bulk pricing will not be offered at the same rate as wholesale. Bulk pricing will be a 15% discount.


We sure hope you have a wonderful day! Can’t wait to do business with you!


Don’t forget to be logged into your account for the discounts to work! ?


Angie Caster