Order Fulfillment

Hey all! Life is crazy! Can I get an amen? I've designated Monday-Thursday to help my kiddos with their virtual learning,for those who don't know us and who we are! I am ranch wife, momma, and business owner. I juggle this crazy life while roasting your favorite Cast Iron Roasted Coffee, rearing crazy wild ranch kids, and also helping my hubby on the ranch. Now the whole "Fake it Til' you make it" motto has really hit the fan! Our what we thought "normal", and yes I put that in quotation because really lets be honest...are we ever NORMAL? Well any who our normal "schedule" has changed! I used to be able to bust out your orders Monday-
Thursday! Now I'm praying to the Good Lord to save the lives of my sweet darling children. I seriously never thought I would say this in my adult life...."Kindergarten is kicking my butt!!" 

So...Order fulfillment will be a bit slower than normal. Please allow a longer time. 


Thank you so much for your continued support!

Put a Lil' buck' In your cup! 

God Bless,


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