WYO Buckin' Beans

KO 90 Infused

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Our American Cowboys 2 favorite Drinks in 1



Whiskey in your coffee? 

Ok so your really not getting kick of the alcohol. 

What you do get are the flavors of both Worlds. 


We use a Gautamalan Bean and roast to a Full City (Medium/Dark) Roast. At the end of the desired cooking time we dump those beans onto the cooling trays and Koltiska 90 Liqueur and soak hose beans. 

Mmm... just imagine the sizzling of the delicious KO 90 being cooked into the hot beans. 



**NOTE- All Acohol is cooked out***

Put a Lil’ Buckin’ Your Cup!

Drink WYO Buckin’ Beans! 


This is a special and will be sold in 12 oz. packing only! 


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