Good Morning,

     The green coffee beans that I receive actually come from a berry. These berries can take about 9 months to mature. Hence why my husband and I decided to not try to grow our own coffee berries at home. Oh and I should mention we don't have volcanic soil, high elevations, and Rainforest like weather...BUMMER!

I purchase in bulk from Copan Trade, they originally started in the 80's in Santa Rosa de Copan a mountain town in Honduras. They wanted to eliminate the middle man and maintain a close and personal relationship with the coffee growers. Soon they started to grow their own coffee. In 2002 they brought their company to the states so they could start selling commercially.

We are now purchasing from 2 different regions from Copan Trade.

Our first is the Brazil bean. We roast our Brazil for our Dark Cowboy Roast. Our Brazil beans are described of having the flavors of Honey, molasses, caramel, cashew, very sweet, and dark chocolate. We roast this bean until the smoke comes barreling out of the pot. We add this smoky flavor to the bean perfection.

Our new roast of Cowboy's Delight we use a Honduran Granadinas Estate (Honey Process) bean. Ok so I have to admit, I got confused I actually thought they soaked their beans in honey (which this is a popular assumption). When in fact it is a step during the extraction of the beans. Right when you remove the berry from the green coffee bean it is sticky. They won't continue to clean the bean off and let the berry dry with that "stickiness" on it. So anyways they describe this Honduran bean with the flavors of Cascara, white peach, and melon. The honey process does leave a sweetness to roasted bean.

Well I hope I kind of helped you learn a little bit. Trust me I have so much to learn and yes I do make mistakes...but it is so much fun. Hopefully one of these days I can talk my Cowboy into traveling and exploring all of these different regions.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! May God Bless!