Cast Iron Roasting

    Bowl - Cast Iron Roasting  

The Cowboys  back in the day would bring their green coffee beans in a burlap sack out on the trail. When time came they would roast the green coffee beans in their cast iron over their campfire. 



          WYO Buckin' Beans is trying to bring the romance Era of the Cowboy back. We are trying to bring the flavor and sense of tradition back to life. 

    Our Coffee Roaster is unique! 

My husband fabricated and built our small batch coffee roaster. We have a 10 gallon Cast Iron Kettle that hangs over a glorified gas burner. We dump about 9 pounds of quality green coffee beans into our hot cast iron kettle and roast those beans for the desired time. 

Plant - Cast Iron Roasting


The Cowboy way of life is the most sought after way of life! Who wouldn't want to get a taste of it?? 

Now you can! Buy WYO BUCKIN' BEANS!