Wholesale/Bulk instructions

Hey guys!

We are so excited to do business with you!! WE have been roasting our delicious coffee for the last 2 1/2 years in our garage. Now we have a roasting facility and now a licensed commercial manufacture. 

Please follow instructions and if there are any issues please contact Angie Caster at 307-461-3920.

  Retailer will also NOT pay full shipping rate. This will allow our retailers get more BANG for their Buck!

Step 1: Create an account through our website. Notify Angie Caster either, through phone, text, or messaging. 

Angie will approve account on her end and she will notify wholesale account holder that it is ready to go.

Step 2. Make sure you are logged into your account.

Step 3. Use WHOLESALE/BULK menu option. Select your options and quantities.

Discounts will only be visible in Cart and if you are logged into your account. 

We have a suggested Retail for a 50-60% increase on what merchant purchases for wholesale price. Again this is up to the Retailer to decide the price point!

Please contact Angie Caster if you have any issues and she will do her best to help you! 


Thank you!!! We are excited to do business with you!! 


Angie Caster

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