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Cast Iron Roasted Coffee

Cowboy Strong

Business Days: Tuesday-Thursday

Order Fullfillment: 5-7 Business Days

"We want to serve products that help carry on the Cowboy way of life in a way that is pleasing to God."

~WYO Buckin' Beans

Uniquely Cast Iron Roasted Coffee

Here at WYO Buckin' Beans we believe in delicious coffee and we believe keepin' it true to our roots!

Our Coffee roaster has been fabricated and hand built. It consists of big Cast Iron Kettle, where it is welded to dangle over a big burner. 

WHY? I'm glad you asked. When starting our adventure out back in January 2016, we knew coffee was a huge industry and Home hobby coffee roasters were popping up everywhere.

So we wanted to be different, not only with Coffee we roast, but the way we roast, and our story.

My husband and I were both born and raised in the "Cowboy" Ranching lifestyle. We learned that the Cowboy's back in the day would bring their green Coffee beans in gunny sacks, and then when the time came they would throw a few on their cast iron skillet and roast those bad boys on the campfire. 

We were inspired and began our adventures and haven't looked back since...Well to remember our roots we do!

Are you Cowboy enough to drink our Coffee?

Put A Lil' Buck In Your Cup!

Meet the Owner/Roaster

Thank you for trying our Cast Iron Roasted Coffee. 

"Put a Lil' Buck' in your cup!"

Kick your week in the pants!

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