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WYO Buckin' Beans

Vaquero (Vanilla Cinnamon)

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Cinnamon Vanilla Infused Coffee

Roast: Medium/Dark

Origin: Guatamala

Tasting Notes: Apple Pie · Chocolate · Tangerine

Ingredients: Pure Mexican Vanilla that is infused with Cinnamon Sticks.

We would like to pay Homage to where our Roots were originated from. 

The History of the Vaquero

1519–1700s After the Spanish arrived in Mexico in 1519, ranches were established and stocked with cattle and horses imported from Spain. Landowners mounted native Indians on well-trained horses and taught them to handle cattle. By the early 1700s, cattle ranching had spread north into what is now Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico and south to Argentina. The native cowboys were called vaqueros(from the Spanish word for cow) and developed roping skills, using braided rawhide reatas (the root word for lariat). Starting in 1769, a chain of 21 Franciscan missions eventually stretched from San Diego to San Francisco, marking the beginning of California’s livestock industry.


Source: American Cowboy